Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Facebook Code Generator Bypass - Working

Facebook Code Generator Bypass

We already told you what is Facebook code generator. Now we will explain how to bypass Facebook code generator if you have problem in getting the code.Just follow the below steps to bypass the facebook code generator.We also have solutions for other facebook login errors like we currently can't verify your identity. please try again later.

Facebook Code Generator Bypass - Bypass 6 Digit Confirmation

If you don't have way to get facebook code generator don't worry.you can login without facebook code generator with the below tricks.
  • Try using any other mobile or PC which you have used before.If it works then go and turn off facebook code generator.So that you can login in your new device
  • If you have already copied Recovery codes use it to login.Recover codes helps you to login without facebook code generator.You can use any of 10 no of code from recovery codes.
  • Below the Enter Login Code window you will see Didn't receive a code?
  • Click that and select Text me a login code.
  • you will get login code in your registered mobile number

Facebook Code Generator Bypass 2020 - Bypass Two-Factor Authentication 

Another way of bypassing fb two-factor authentication or facebook code generator is below.This facebook 6 digit confirmation code hack is as follows
  • Go to window which ask for code to login.
  • Below that you will find a option called "Need another way of authentication".
  • Click on that and it will open a window which has four other options to login without security code
  • The first one is 'Text Message'.It will send you a login code to your registered mobile number from that you can login.It is the easiest and most recommended way to bypass this facebook 6 digit confirmation code.
  • The another option is Approve from another device.What it does means it will send a notification to other devices you have logged in earlier from there you need to approve this login.It's also pretty simple.you can try this if you have any of your device which is logged in with you.
  • The another way is selecting  'Skip and turn off Facebook two factor authentication'.From here you can skip or bypass the facebook code generator.

Facebook Code Generator Not Sending SMS

Few of you guys are reporting that you're not getting the sms after  selecting text me login code option and also facebook two-factor authentication code not received. The problem may be any of the below list
  • Confirm registered number is same.
  • If you have changed your telecom service provider recently you may have difficulty in receiving code.
  • Wait for few more hours delivery may delay sometimes.

How to bypass two-factor authentication in Facebook.

To bypass two-factor authentication in facebook follow the below idea.
  • Approve the login from already used/login device.
  • Use text me a login code option and you will receive a login code 
  • From that login to fb.
  • Check whether you have received recovery  code earlier and try to login from that.


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