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Sunday, November 3, 2019

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UNCServer.exe Purpose - Remove UNCServer

Most of you guys wants to remove UNCServer.exe from your system because it eats resources.So we are up with a post which explains everything about UNC Server like whether uncserver is a virus or not, what is the purpose of uncserver, how to remove it.


UNCServer.exe is module of lenovo system update.When lenovo system update started updating this exe files runs with it.After the update is completed by lenovo system update this also close automatically.

How to remove UNCServer.exe? Is it a virus? Is it safe

Let me answer you few things first.UNCServer is safe and its not a virus but there is chance some malicious file is named as UNCServer.So we ask you to check the originality of the exe file.We can do that by following steps.
  • It is always located inside the sub folders of C:\Program Files\Lenovo\System Update\
  • The publisher of this exe is lenovo

Uninstall UNCServer.exe

We recommend you not to remove UNCServer app because removing it may cause error or reduce perfomances.Still if you want to remove it follow below
  • Go to uninstall a program
  • Uninstall Lenovo System Update
  • After uninstalling it UNCServer also uninstalled because it is module of Lenovo System Update
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[SOLVED] Android Flashlight Turns Off Automatically

Hello guys today we are going to see the solution for android flashlight turns off after updating the android phone.

 Android Flashlight Turns Off Automatically - Solution

  • Enable safe mode and check if the problem is still there are not.
  • Check whether there is any android update if it's there update your phone
  • If you have problem you can use any third party flashlight app
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nativedropboxagent Meaning - Remove nativedropboxagent app Moto

Hello guys many of you have searching how to remove nativedropboxagent app because it eats battery.So in this post we will see how to remove/disable nativedropboxagent app and what is the meaning or purpose of nativedropboxagent.

nativedropboxagent Meaning

  • nativedropboxagent is pre-installed app in few moto phones.
  • we exactly don't no the purpose of it so we would recommend you not to remove it or post it on moto forum or any other android forum before doing anything

How to remove nativedropboxagent app

  • We didn't figured out the exact way to uninstall the app but we have listed few possible way to overcome from its effect
  • Try booting your phone in safe mode
  • clear data and clear cache of dropbox and nativedropbox app and then disable it.
  • Uninstall the updates of google app and disable the google now launcher instead of that try some other launcher and now disable the nativedropboxagent. After that again started using google now launcher.
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Saturday, November 2, 2019

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[Solved] CQATest App Moto Mobiles

Hello Guys, Today we are going to see how to solve the CQATest app problem.I checked few queries related to it so lets see how to solve the problem.If you have any technical problem kindly message us through contact us page our team will give you the solution.

CQATest App Uninstall / Remove?

So many of you have a problem with this CQATest app and most of you try to remove it.Now I will tell you what to do with that app.Many Moto mobile users has found this unrelated app in their mobile

If you have a problem with CQATest app just wait for few times it will remove automatically.This is the recommended method.Within few times the app will get removed automatically.So before doing anything just wait for few days.

If you still feel annoyed with that app try disabling it or do a factory reset.But all these things are not recommended because the app will remove automatically.

If you have any problem kindly comment below
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Friday, September 27, 2019

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Keyboard Not Working Mac

Hello Guys, Today we  will see the solution for Keyboard Not Working Mac.Below are the steps you need to follow to get rid of keyboard problems

Keyboard Not Working Mac - Solution

  •  Clean Your Keyboard
  • Check for system Updates
  • Delete the apps you installed recently.It may cause that effect
  • Reboot and start again
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